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The Other World Society for Ladies

Speak Bucket; The Other World Society for Ladies
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Speak Bucket, where you can speak for a bucket.

Speak Bucket, where you can speak for a bucket.

We are also called The Other World Society for Ladies, but you don't have to be a lady to join. No, really.

We're just a close group of friends who want to widen the circle, one person at a time, one word at a time, one conversation at a time. So, talk and we'll respond. Talk about anything—school, love, art, youtube, blogging, your bestfriend who's stabbing you behind the back, your real bestfriend who's stabbing you on the front, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your mean math teacher, cross country, binders, lame online games, sweet one-liners, anything. We can listen and we'll let you add random tags to the account.

That is, HAHA, if you join.


1. Go to this entry, which is the member application, and follow the instructions there. You will be asked to comment an alias/title on the post. Not just any title, it has to be a body part or an intangible noun (like "spirit" or "whisper")

2. It is optional for you to join the community. If you did and you got accepted, we will approve your request for membership. If you did not join but posted a comment on the membership application entry, we will send you an invitation to the community.

3. After you have been accepted, you will be directed to the posting rules, but it only contains instructions on how to tag your entries. Further rules will be stated here:
a.) Like the above said, you can post anything, but please refrain from spamming the community with ads or promotions for other communities, unless you have received permission from the maintainers.

b.) Please don't use chatspeak. If you normally do, we know it's part of the you we want you to express here, but please use real words as other people tend to be irritated by word-shortcuts such as 2, dud, lyk, y?, wat and etcetera.

c.) When commenting other people's entries, please don't insult the entry. You can criticize the post, but do it in a friendly manner. We want to spread a peaceful feel throughout the community.

d.) Concerning specific categories for posting anything, you can try writing about what you think about a certain news report you saw online, or some problems that you're encountering in real life. You can also post poetry, literature, videos, graphics, quotes, and the like. Think of it as an off-topic community where you can let out and set your lame jokes free.
4. If you break any of these rules, you'll be banned in a snap.

5. Maybe number four is just a bluff.

6. Or maybe it's not.