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27 May 2009 @ 03:01 am
im new to what your used to
22 May 2009 @ 03:24 am


1.you smell like nothing.
2.you talk about nothing.
3 you were something.

12 May 2009 @ 03:50 am
im very cold.
each shiver is
every heartache
not even you
can sedate
my long lasting coldness

this beat that is beating
is to turn in to a melody.
to be sung in to heaven and ring in your ears.

10 May 2009 @ 06:10 pm

"i like it how things last longer than people."

its not the easiest thing
to leave and come back
and still think everything
is still the same
with little thought
that since you have left
things were much different


"i like her alot, and that's from the warmest part of my heart."

           -matthew knorr.

plenty, is so very much the same as
granted that we used to much
that there is anything left
that there is anything to remeber.
for it was too long
till this day i have yearned for
and striked my fingers till
it was full of blood.
but now i never have thought
that when this day came
for i will see you no more.

08 May 2009 @ 08:55 pm

Spock: Your use of language has altered since our arrival. It is currently laced with, shall we say, more colorful metaphors, "double dumb-ass on you" and so forth.
Kirk: Oh, you mean the profanity?
Spock: Yes.
Kirk: Well that's simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word.

"your not as smart as they say.
your not as handsome has you pronounce.
you preach the words as if the lord as sent you
will you ever believe in such a thing as love?"

"as i recall, i never mentioned me being handsome"

"as i recall, i never said you were."


"answer the question"

"if i had to answer that can;t i just say i believed in you."

    -alyJ. i told matthew this and he said i was cool

07 May 2009 @ 09:22 pm
I feel an odd chill,
a cold feeling that not even his embrace
can thaw.
06 May 2009 @ 08:52 pm
I read this book called Lunch Money and in the middle of the book, this Social Studies teacher starts talking about Mesopotamia and shoots rocket-fire questions at her students.
And then the next day, which is today, I read about the same subject—Mesopotamia—in the Science pop quiz.

Oh boy.
Current Mood: shockedshocked
06 May 2009 @ 08:36 pm

i was counting the stars
to many to count
billions i assumed
but i was looking up not down
and my seconds i saw a shooting star
i wished all my hardest
with my eyes closed shut
my heart filled with love
i looked above
i was counting the stars
to many to count
billions i assumed
but i was looking up not down
and with in the mintues
i wished for more

but instead my heart was sore.